Hello! I’m Christi Andringa.

I’ve been in the business of inspiration and fitness for 30+ years! My journey began teaching aerobics in the late 80’s, and has grown into a mix of leading fitness classes, virtual life coaching, and professional speaking. 

I inspire my clients to elevate personal and professional performance, reject complacency, and honor their potential. 

A lifelong student of Happiness, I have personal experience as it relates to working on Happiness as a skill, and choosing it rather than waiting for it to arrive after losing my husband of 24 years to colon cancer May 29th, 2020.

I believe that anyone can create the life they want if they’re willing to do the work. I can help you create your plan to complete the work. 

As a mother of three and a widow, my commitment to “anything is possible” is where I live. I take my profession seriously, but never take myself too seriously. I’m huge on the fun factor, but even bigger on making a difference. 


See Christi in Action


“Because I Can” is a choice.

Health is a choice.
Happiness is a choice.
Forgiveness is a choice.
Habits are a choice.
Love is a choice.

I choose me…because I can.