Hello! I’m Christi Andringa.

As a professional speaker, I inspire audiences to elevate personal and professional performance, reject complacency, and get moving. Productive people have higher self-esteem; they like themselves more. We like them more!

Happiness is a learned skill. As a devoted student, I educate audiences that happiness does not fall out of the sky. When we take action to improve what goes on inside our minds and bodies, we’re happier. Happy people are better leaders, achieve their goals more often, and even live longer.

Teams of people are made up of individuals. Inspiring each person to be a better player ultimately creates winning teams in all aspects of life.

Why choose me? I’ve traveled the country speaking to corporate audiences and trained fitness professionals for over 10 years. Combine that with a successful sales and management career in the pharmaceutical and advertising industries, and you discover a unique background that can inspire change.

I’m a mother of three and a wife. My commitment to “anything is possible” takes on a whole new meaning in these roles. They reinforce the importance of taking my profession seriously, but never taking myself too seriously. I’m committed to delivering a meaningful message, but not without the fun factor.


See Christi in Action


“Because I Can” is a choice.

Health is a choice.
Happiness is a choice.
Forgiveness is a choice.
Habits are a choice.
Love is a choice.

I choose me…because I can.