Miracle of Love
September 28, 2014

My parents home in Florida was destroyed by a fire yesterday. Thank God they weren’t there, and no one was injured. When my mom called me crying she said, “I just kept thinking that the most precious picture my grandkids made was gone!” 70 reasons I love my Nana – for her 70th birthday. Unbeknownst to my mom, her neighbor ran down the street requesting to quickly run in and grab a “very special picture that Margie would want.” They of course refused because she left her helmet at home…Shortly thereafter a firefighter rang her doorbell and presented her with the picture. The only wall hanging salvageable and UNTOUCHED (the picture looks blurry but it’s completely unscathed) by fire, water, smoke and heat damage. Really? Chills.


My dad had shared with my mom, and even expressed thoughts in prayer shortly before the fire, that material things mean less than family, life, love, and health. The fact that their home was destroyed (which is heartbreaking), but the one picture that represents FAMILY and LOVE survived is a message. You can determine who you think the message is from. We believe it was from God, affirming that in the midst of something so awful, there is a much bigger light.  My mom has called the photo a “Miracle of Love.” Surprisingly, she doesn’t hashtag, but I think it could be a good one.

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