2nd Most Important List Of Things I’m Grateful for
November 27, 2014

My Top “2nd Most Grateful List”. This list comes after the “1st Most Grateful List” about family, friends, health, peace, love…ect. All very important, and I truly am grateful. But there’s another very important list that needs to be recognized. This is in no particular order.

1. Spot Shot
2. Heated Seats
3. Photo Filters
4. Apple 24 hour Online Support
5. Mascara
6. Q-tips
7. First Class Upgrades
8. People Who Can Navigate a Round-a-Bout
9. Febreeze
10. Dimmer Switches
11. Online Banking
12. Sundance Catalog
13. GPS
14. Costco Wine Prices
15. Friends Who Sew
16. A Child Who Drives
17. Central Vacuum
18. Front Door Drops-Offs-(particularly for church and restaurants)
19. Starbucks Gift Cards
20. Handset Locator on Home Phones
Happy Thankfulness Day! Today and everyday.

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