A Wise Person Once Told Me…
April 1, 2014

To be Wise: Having experience, knowledge AND good judgement. People may have incredible experiences and arm themselves with tons of knowledge, but without good judgement they lack wisdom. Getting old isn’t always easy…things look and feel different. However, I celebrate my wisdom. I have lived. I have made mistakes. I have learned. I have had pain. I have had joy. I have heard a lot, seen a lot, and discovered a lot.

In my opinion, the destination of our life’s path is wisdom. Without introspection and thoughtfulness about life, we avoid infusing our good judgement when making “the next decision.” Wisdom is the deepest degree of knowledge, insight and understanding. It’s our perspective on life. Our purpose. Our lessons learned.

Wisdom is living in our own light. It’s not our IQ…it’s recognizing our emotional, spiritual, and mental interpretations of our lives. Our lessons learned.

We pass on our wisdom. We pass it on to our children, our peers, our friends, our family. We contribute to the world through our wisdom. Our capacity for wisdom increases each time with share it with others. A good reminder that all of us our teachers.

Teach kindly, soulfully, and wisely.

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