And Then There Were Four
October 12, 2014
candringa productions

Thank God for this foursome. Lisa…in the forefront…received an incredible honor. She was named Veterinarian of the Year by the Wisconsin Veterinary Medicine Association. We are cheers-ing her.

What I love about our foursome is we can’t WAIT to cheers each other. Let Lisa shine. She deserves it. We are gutturally proud. And when it’s another one of us…we celebrate that too.

One of the scariest things in friendship is Envy. Of all the deadly sins, it’s the only one in which there is no payout for the “sinner.” If you are envious of your friends accomplishments, you are hanging out in a state of frenetic, unproductive energy that simply doesn’t serve you. You friends/people/co-workers never win anything at your expense. They just WON IT because they deserved it. You will get the next one.

Be so happy for your friends. Celebrate their fortitude, commitment, resilience and sacrifice. It’s INSPIRING! I admire Lisa every single day. She won this award because she does the things other people don’t in her profession. The little things, and the big things.

I don’t own an animal. 🙂 I can’t relate one iota what it means to be a Veterinarian. But I do know what it means to be awarded the best. I know it means she did amazing things and will continue to do so.

The 3 of us happily cheers her in the background because we admire her. As we would admire any accomplishments in our 4-some.  Here’s to Lisa, and here’s to what it means to be a real friend. Love all of you.

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