“You’re Really Good Carson.”
April 15, 2014

Jack – my son, and Carson’s 16 year-old brother – made the trip to Boston this weekend to see her dance. She’s been to 900 hockey games, and 500 football games. He’s been to about 10 dance competitions/recitals. This weekend she was working as an assistant for Tremaine Dance Competitions. Not only did she dance, but she worked her rear off. He saw her perform, but also saw her get up at 6:00am and get to bed at 12:30am. He had no idea. No idea. I’m so glad I invited him to come and he accepted.

I’ve listed my Top Ten “Brother-Sister” moments for the weekend.

  1. Jack falling asleep on the first flight. He lays across Carson’s lap in his sleep. She lets him. She doesn’t really like to be touched. #icandoanythingonce
  2. Carson giving a shot at sharing a “girl dilemma” with Jack at breakfast in between flights. Jack tells her 2 min into it, “I’m out.” #thisisayouproblem
  3. They leave me and Nana at the top of the Prudential Tower restaurant to do some shopping together. I’ve shopped with Jack. They were back in 15 min. #predictable
  4. Jack sees Carson assisting her first class which is a Contemporary style. He comments that he genuinely likes the dance, and has found 4 girls in the class that he also genuinely likes. #girlsinspandexrock
  5. Carson moves on to her Street style dance. Jack has no idea his sister can move this way. He comments and demonstrates later a 4 count move she did that he really liked. Really?! #henoticed
  6. After her Saturday night shift, I take Carson to dinner in the hotel lobby. Jack wants to rest in the room. 15 min later Jack joins us on his own accord. They reminisce about the day. He says, “You’re really good Carson.” #momisalittleverkclempt
  7. They talk me into taking the them to Lululemon. Carson tries on 100 items. Jack tries on 2…but they cost more than Carson’s. While Carson is in the dressing room (for about an hour) Jack proceeds to pretend he works there, directing other patrons into their respective dressing rooms. Carson finds this gutturally funny. I did too. Jack also found himself funny. #laughingtogetherisgood
  8. Carson is assisting in Ballet on Sunday morning. There is nothing about Jack that says “Ballet.” However he likes her teacher and enjoys watching. I think he’s bored. I suggest he goes to Starbucks and get some breakfast. He says he wants to stay. Please note; those 4 hot girls he’s had his eye on are in this ballet room. #motivationiseverything
  9. Carson’s last class of the day. She gets pulled up on stage. Jack stands on his chair to see better. I pretend I don’t notice. #proudbrother
  10.  At the airport going home. They want Fudruckers. I don’t eat Fudruckers. I send them alone with some cash. They eat, and meet me at “my restaurant” later. They want to go to the gate to hang out together. This photo is how I found them. Okay, not with his arm around her, but sitting next to each other smiling. #qualityandquantitybothmatter #siblinglove

It’s important to have siblings share as intimately as possible in each others passions. I can say with 100% certainty their relationship is stronger because of this weekend.

Carson, I’m super proud of you and all you accomplished this weekend in dance. Jack, I’m equally as proud of you for being an amazing brother and fan of your sister. #ihavedecidedtokeepbothofyou #loveyousomuch

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