Front and Center!
April 28, 2014
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Front and center of what? Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud. I love watching her front and center. However, I know how hard she worked to be included in a dance where she was “back and right.”

No one in the audience knew how much it meant to her to be “back and  right.” But she did.

Front and center is the goal, of course. We strive for success, but success is a journey. And sometimes our biggest wins are unrecognizable to anyone but us. Humility. Celebration. Know one needs to know, but we know. Back row cause to celebrate.

In this dance -this photo -she’s front and center. She’s honored and proud,  but that was not her victory this weekend. Her victory was being asked to be in the back row of a dance that pushed her harder.

Celebrate pushing outside your front row. You’ve seen that view before! The back row is where the growth is. So look not only to the front, but to the back. Get yourself included in a group of people who are doing it so well, you are grateful to be in their back row – regardless of the discipline or occupation.

And eventually, you’ll be front and center in something bigger and better.

This is photo of my 14 year old daughter dancing in LA this weekend. For the record, she’s my front and center every single day.

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