I Got This
December 13, 2013

Tough couple weeks. Driving to teach my hot yoga class today and I thought, “Why are you waiting for the world to make this better? YOU make it better.” I have the coolest people in my life…my husband, kids, friends and industry peers. So full of love, positivity, brilliance and support. However, they cannot make my life better. They can keep being all those great things, but I have to choose to accept life’s circumstances. I’m so not perfect, but one thing I have perfected is a complete appreciation for my life. I mean this…every day when I wake up I’m so excited and truthfully in love with my life. My imperfect life that offers me challenges, but so much fun, love, and happiness. Things have happened recently that have been out of my control, but have impacted my outlook. My waking up has felt mediocre. Mediocrity isn’t good. Yuck. No one should settle for mediocrity. So today, driving to teach my 6am yoga class, I flipped the switch. I alone am the teacher, and don’t know who’s coming. Regardless, I’m committed and prepared to deliver my best. Yoga is funny like that. You are in a room of people, but the experience is personal. You’re in a group, but so dialed into being just you…just you on your mat. The flip switching resonated from my teaching. I have all these supportive students, my but obligation as their teacher is mine to own, mine to acknowledge, to accept and affirm. Create the best experience regardless or who is there or what they bring into the room. I own that. Like our lives, we own that! Because before all these things happened, I loved my life so much…and I still love my life so much. I can be sad, empathetic, disappointed, overwhelmed and still completely love my life. I have created this space and there’s nowhere else I want to be. I got this one. And I will have the next one and the next one.

In fact, YOU got this one.

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