Look Mom and Dad, it’s me!
August 26, 2014

Spent a great 4 day weekend with my parents. Even at 45, I still feel like their little girl when I’m with them. I took an early morning run and ventured out onto this rock jetty.  Once out on there, my first thought was…wow, my parents would LOVE to see this. So I called, texted, and attempted to FACETIME…no response. I tried again, and again, and again. I waved my arms around thinking they may spot me from their hotel window or perhaps they were hanging on the beach and would catch a glimpse of my wild enthusiasm. I found out upon my return, they were getting coffee. Guess they weren’t all that interested. lol. As children, we are always seeking the “look at me!” from our parents. I laughed at myself during my run home –  really Christi? You were out there waving your arms texting; Mom, Dad look at me! And then I settled into my daughter space. I have a really great life…husband, 3 kids, career I love…but I started as a daughter. And I will always be a daughter. I will always want my parents to share in my joy, accomplishments, and celebrations. So I’m SUPER mad they missed me on the rock jetty, but promise to do something much cooler very soon.

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