June 12, 2014
candringa, candringa productions

Are you old enough to have watched Zoom? Op-en-glop-hish? If you didn’t…Google it. This photo is of Lisa and me…or Lop-i-sop-a and mop-e. We spoke Op-en-glop-ish to each other many, many years ago and still refer to each other lovingly in this language.

Growing up we spent many sleepovers practicing our Op-en-glop-ish. I can remember sleeping together in her teeny tiny single bed with the evergreen silk comforter, talking through our high school issues – the more serious the issue the more we reverted to regular English. 😉 Many nights we crammed ourselves into that little bed, with the same silk comforter talking, solving, and laughing until we fell asleep.

The last time I remember falling asleep in that bed, was when I was 23. We had both come home from our respective paths…mine as a sales rep in Milwaukee, and Lisa’s as vet student in Madison. We talked, laughed, solved and shared in that same tiny bed.

A lot has changed since then. Husbands, kids, careers, hair color, preference in music, choice of language, tolerance level for loud noises, bedtime, sagging boobs and much more. But she is always my Lop-i-sop-a. She is my grounding. My beginning. My fun. My unwavering supporter. My person that says, “Why wouldn’t you?!” My person that I can still snuggle up with in any little bed with any comforter and be comforted.

The comfort of a BFF is the loyalty that honors the stories and secrets of the past, while also celebrating the uniqueness of two human beings who’s futures continue to write themselves. Lisa keeps me simple. She reminds me that many, many years ago I was Chrop-i-stop-i. She continues to remind me that although I’m wearing a lot more hats, I’m enough just being me.

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