Meaning Not $
November 12, 2014

For the past few years I’ve been invited to speak to graduating seniors at a local private high school. Particularly students who are looking to pursue careers in health/wellness/athletics/entrepreneurship. My kids go to a different high school in the same city. I have no obligation to speak, my children don’t directly benefit, nor do I get paid in money. However I do get paid in passion. I love inspiring young people to follow their dreams…and more importantly to dream BIG!

Chris Zwettler is the Athletic Director and teacher pictured here who approached me to share my message with his students. We never talked about any compensation or “what’s in it” for either one of us. So you can imagine how humbled and surprised I was to know he threw my name in the hat to be the Keynote Speaker for the WADA (Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association) annual conference. I got the gig and was able to share my message as a paid business owner.

The moral of the story is this…don’t expect anything. Do what you know is right and good. Share your gifts because they make a positive difference. Monetary rewards are important…we are in the business of doing business…but they cannot be your goal. You will get paid to do what you do if you surround yourself with people who “get it” and commit to personally leading with the intent to make a difference.

Chris; Thank you. You are an amazing, inspiring person. I was not surprised to hear you were being recognized the following day for your accomplishments and leadership. What a gift your family was able to share it with you.

You have left an indelible impression on me. Your passion for your students is palpable in your presence. You wear the “because I can” well, because you are authentically a because-I-can guy.

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