My Son
May 24, 2014
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My son is 16. I see much less of him. He left this morning for golf. Told him I’d like to spend time with him when he got home. Upon his return, “What do you want to do mom? I’m all in.” Shared I had to run to Target and then maybe we could grab lunch. You can imagine his excitement.  I asked what his friends were doing. They were all going to BratFest…yes, we live in Wisconsin…and then throw the football around at Lake Wingra. I told him to go. No ill will. The best part was he was going to go with me – with a smile. He’s 16, but he’s still my little guy. Big heart, and compassionate. I decided on the spot it wasn’t about the next 3 hours, it was about where his heart was. Even at Bratfest and throwing the football with friends, his big heart never leaves me. I don’t need the hours: just the love. I’ll catch him tomorrow morning for church and breakfast. Pretty sure his friends won’t have much going on between 9-10:30am on a Sunday morning. I’m golden. 

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