Road Trip
January 10, 2014

No matter the distance, they are predictable. Today we travelled approximately 7 hours from Madison, WI to Kansas City, MO. 2 Andringa’s, 4 Moyers. Our destination; a dance convention. Further description of participants on the road trip…Me and my daughter Carson, Tammie and Joel Moyer, and Bryce and Caitlyn who are the dancing children of Tammie and Joel. All children are teenagers. All adults are over 40, yet still very young looking.

Like every good road trip, we leave late with some tension about how many bags can fit in my Ford Expedition. Roads are better than expected with patchy ice at a minimum. This is a positive. Carson and Bryce begin to cough and hack 3 minutes into the trip.  This is a negative. Tammie, Bryce’s mom, suggests we stop for medicine and masks 1 hour later. We ignore this request.

I’m driving with Joel in the passenger seat. i sense he is clearly uneasy when I try to help the kids get a movie started using my controls up front. He’s doing his best to look confident, but wants to take over my multi-tasking. His non-verbal communication is shouting…”Just concentrate on driving, I got this.” The movie is a bust. We revert to a playlist on my iPod that streams through my car radio, to which I sing only the lines/verses that I know I’ll sound my best. I feel like most of the passengers are impressed.

We stop for gas, potty, subs, white chocolate covered pretzels, cough medicine, milk duds, throat lozenges, donuts, water, beef sticks and coffee.

Joel is now driving. I’m in the way back with Carson, because I feel horrible guilt that she’s spreading so many germs to all passengers. I decide to take one for the team and actually let my body touch hers ever so slightly. I think everyone was grateful.

I sleep some. Upon awakening we only have 2 hours left. I kill some time with  a little light reading in my Yoga Journal and Pilates Style magazines. I now feel like burning incense, but decide others may not like it so I keep my lighter in my computer bag.

As we approach our destination with 40 miles left, we engage in a game of “I’m going on a trip and bringing “X”!” The next person has to guess/think about what they can bring to come. Their item has to jive with the pattern set up by the initial trip-maker. We have fun with this. On a scale of 1-10, I give this game experience a solid 8.

Joel is still driving. He intermittently  veers off the road (just a little) and makes that “bbrrbbrrbrr” sound when the tires hit the uneven pavement. I don’t say anything, but his wife Tammie does. That’s what wives do. I gave her a mental high five. He didn’t seem influenced or affected by any of it. Just like my husband, I think to myself.

We arrive at the hotel. As we begin to unload, I celebrate – now, that was a good road trip. We are not blood family, but we made for a fabulous car family. Very comfortable, just enough tension to know we all felt 100% comfortable, no complaining, crappy food, dumb yet fun car games, and  good people to share 20 square feet for 7 hours.

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