So This Happened Today
July 24, 2016

We vacay-ed in Vail this week. Girls and I flew home early for soccer and dance. 2:30am wake up. 6:00am flight. Our 9:30am arrival to Casa Andringa Stillwater.

I can’t make this stuff up.

We drive down our 5 mile driveway (slight exaggeration) and roll up to this. I think to myself…don’t cry…the girls are in the car. We have 4 big suitcases and another 2 miles to our front door…through the woods…as I affectionately call our yard (another slight exaggeration.)

I look left and see that our Barn driveway is RIGHT THERE.

I think it was a message…a message from above saying, “I’m giving you a bit more, but I’m also giving you an out. There’s always a solution.”

Or it could be, “A huge tree fell over your driveway, but as luck would have it the tree fell within 10 feet of your other driveway. Drive around it.” Depends on how deep you want to get.

Like all the other “So This Happened Today…” there is a “guy” for this. Actually two guys. Mike and Mick arrived in 2 hours.

$500 later, they chain sawed this sucker into wood for our fire pits.
I walked up to get the low down. They told me ants and squirrels were living inside the trunk and it was simply ready to come down. I looked down…1000 ants on my driveway.
I asked them where the ants go now. They responded – to another tree, but most likely won’t fall down for years.

As I continue to speak with M&M, they tell me there’s a Horse Fly on my leg. I scream and jump. Mick, “You really are a city girl. Your husband must be the one who’s the outdoorsman.”

Nope. He’s not. We’re not. We are both taking a risk. Trying something new. Convincing ourselves when our head itches, it’s just an itch…not a tick. Pretending like Dragon Flies are pretty.

And…loving the the good stuff.
Spending less money at Target…it just takes too long to get there.
Sitting on our little beach and taking in the peacefulness.
Spending A LOT more time with family…the girls are a little sick of Momma Chri…but for now we are all each other has.

Actually, things are working out pretty well. I wouldn’t say great, but moving in the right direction.

Blog 3 coming soon…stick with me. I feel very confident there’s a lot more to come.

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