So This Happened Today
July 15, 2016

Background for those not in the loop: I have recently relocated to Stillwater, MN after 20 years, raising 3 children, and married to the same man in Madison. WI. One son is headed to college, and two teenager daughters have full residence here with us.

Let me state this now loud and clear — I have NO regrets about our home, neighborhood, city nor anything related to the beautiful place in which we reside. I love our realtor and everything she did to help us find this place. The people who owned the home prior to our purchase did an amazing job with upkeep and care – however it was vacant for many, many months.

Bottom line, this whole experience has been way out of my wheelhouse. New digs, new surroundings, new everything…and I have found A LOT of humor…between some tears…in it. So if you are reading this, I’m not making fun of anyone nor anything about my situation. I’m simply sharing MY humor…because it’s a survival tool in continuing to move forward.

My blog is entitled, “So This Happened Today…” Because every single day since I have lived here…something has happened that has never happened to me before. I’ve been journaling about it. It makes me laugh before I go to sleep, so maybe it will make you laugh.

I’m going to fast forward. We moved in June 24th…since that date I have only spent 6 nights in my home. Dance season was in full force and I was on the road with Carson. All good…but still memorizing how to get home from…well, anywhere.

A few “So This Happened Today” moments:

The neighbors drop by on our first day to deliver a meal and some wine. So nice, so grateful. However they arrive on an ATV and share that we will need a shredder, chain saw, and snow removal VEHICLE. Our house is on 7 acres…looks really pretty when “visiting” to purchase but reality sets in. Rob uses a hammer about once a year..chain saw? We’re doomed.

Rob and I go down to our dock…lake is beautiful…and begin to rake weeds from the lake. We have never done this before. We’ve never lived on a lake, and didn’t even weed our own lawn in Madison. As we are weeding on our dock, Rob breaks a plank of wood and busts through the dock. He’s bleeding, but worse than that he steps on a bull frog that jumps and we both FREAK OUT! Frogs? WHAT? I ran away. He’s limping…trying to run…yelling behind…”Do we have any Neosporin??”

We have a birds nest…way up high. The bird guy comes. Super nice and knowledgeable. Rob is gone and kids are all outside listening. He shares, “I’ve got this bird thing taken care of. No problem. And, I can do all the other things you’ll need out here in this rural area. (RURAL – kids eyes are BUGGING out of their heads) You’re going to have moles…in fact I see some mole holes in your yard now…should I put you on my mole route for next week? (Like a milk route? YES!!!) Also you need to think about chipmunks, raccoons, spiders, and asian beetles. Any other things you can think of; I can get it.” Hmmm…pretty sure you thought of MORE than I ever thought of. And, I may not go outside until the first snow fall…

My mother in law calls the kids…”I understand you have deer on your land. Wear a hat, zip your shirt up to your neck, and pull your socks way above your ankles when you go outside. Deer ticks are very, very scary.” It’s 90 degrees here. We’re all bundled up sweating our booties off…but we will not get Lyme’s disease. Thank you Grandma Doc.

Finally – today – I go to open our new bank account. The banker is going through info and can’t find the date my licensed is issued. I share that I know it’s on there and sometimes a different pair of eyes can pick it. I find it. She thanks me and I say…”That’s what friends are for!” And she looks at me kindly, perplexed, maybe even a bit sternly…and without speaking…she says with her eyes…”We aren’t really friends, I’m just your banker.” I got in my car and laughed out loud…it’s such a hashtag problem in this day and age. ‪#‎newmomwithnofriendsproblem‬

So – stay tuned. I’m going to be posting this blog to WordPress which will seamlessly share a link to this page. I have so much more to humor…but for tonight…this is enough.

With Love From My Stillwater Backyard,

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