Christi Andringa is one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers in America today. Her wonderful message is inspiring, intelligent and potentially life-changing.

Brian Tracy
Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, Motivational Speaker and Author


Look no further. You have found a presenter who will inspire your audience and deliver a top-notch presentation that will exceed your expectations.  She is an energetic fitness professional with a dynamic style that inspires participants to make the next move! I whole heartedly recommend Christi as someone who will deliver a level of excellence that any corporation would expect.

Chalene Johnson

CEO and International Presenter, Powder Blue Productions,
Creator of Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme

Trek Bicycles

Christi’s presentation was awesome!  We gave her a challenge with a small, diverse group of individuals who needed to bond together to form a team in order to succeed. By the end of Christi’s presentation, members of the group were sharing ideas with each other and left energized to start their endeavor.  Christi is so warm and accessible, which I believe gives her the ability to connect to a wide array of audiences.

Kristi Schalow
Wellness Coordinator, Trek Bicycles — North America


Christi Andringa was the keynote speaker at our grand opening event. What an honor! She captured the audience’s hearts by leading the way with one of her informative, emotional, and relevant presentations about the importance of voting for your own well being first. She lives this. A community leader and a fitness professional, so many are inspired to change their lives through her message. We at Lululemon vote for yoga, balance, understanding, fun, and fitness — and we vote for Christi!

Ashley Saverine
Lululemon Store Manager – Hilldale Mall

American Family Insurance

Christi Andringa delivers WOW each and every time she has presented at American Family DreamBank.  Her high-energy and inspirational messages are some of our best and most attended events to date.  One thing that separates Christi from other inspirational speakers is her transparency with her audience and the integrity with which she lives her life.  She truly “walks her talk”.  If you want to grow as a leader, in business, or as a friend or family member, I highly recommend working with Christi Andringa.

Chris Rudolph
DreamBank by American Family Insurance – Madison, WI


You have been so inspiring to me even through your Facebook page. I love reading your posts and I know how much time it takes to comment so genuinely to all the things you have.


It’s not easy and yes I slip (a lot) but I am so thankful to have such a positive, inspiring, amazing person such as you in my life.  I know that my journey has only begun but has only been improved since knowing you! You inspire me to be better….not for anyone else but myself.


I really respect your approach to “living” and it’s reflected in the wonderful life that you continue to create personally and professionally. Thank you for not only being a role model, but a great conversation partner as I navigate through this next chapter in my life. You are extremely insightful and can find answers where others fail to see them. I look forward to future engagements with you as you I always walk away feeling better. Your quick wit doesn’t hurt either!


The 12 day challenge was great for so many reasons! I remember a Harbor member recommending your Hot Fusion class to me one day and I knew I was hooked from the first day – not just because of the actual class itself, but because you know how to motivate and encourage without being pushy. And, your messages during class always help me. Many times they really stay with me and are just what I needed that day. You also seem to live up to your own messages, and I have admired that in you from the beginning!


Thank you for extending the invitation to attend your presentation. You inspired me to commit more meaningful time to my personal wellness journey. Much of what you said I knew, but hadn’t resonated with me before. You have a gift of communication. I generally like to be done with any speaker in 45 minutes, however I could have listened to more of you. Keep it up. You are changing lives.


I admire your dedication to wellness. You are truly an inspiration and someone that I look up too! Your energy is contagious!