The Perfect-Imperfect Plan
August 11, 2014

I was watching a reality crime show while kicking it out on the elliptical. A pretty dicey murder case, solved because of that one overlooked mistake. She used her discount grocery card to save $.34 and BAM, they nailed her. The chief investigator commented, “You can try to plan the perfect murder, but you will never plan it perfectly. There is always one overlooked detail that will break you.”

You can try to plan your perfect life, but it won’t play out perfectly. There will always be surprises. Planning is necessary. Dreams can’t become realities without a plan. But when the unplanned arises…because it will…don’t let it break you.

The reality is that no matter how good your plan, you can’t control the other people who aren’t part of it, but become players. They can really eff things up if you let them. Don’t. It’s about you deciding how to live the life you want.

The events you had in mind when you mapped out your initial course from A to B, don’t always play out. You can’t control outside circumstances. And, you’ll also have missteps.  But no one can mistake your purpose and priorities. You own those. Redirection is a necessity, as well as hanging on tight to WHO you are; not always WHAT you’re doing.

Like the perfect crime and perfect plan…there is always that little something that either infuses itself from the outside, or is an unplanned misstep on your part.

Think of it this way. You are not separate from your plan. You ARE the plan. You are a living, breathing part of your plan. When breaking points arise, you are also part of those. Your purpose and priorities are still part of the initial plan, but also part of fighting through the muck.

WHO you are has to be so strong and so meaningful that it trumps all else. I had a really good plan of what I wanted to accomplish with my company during the last 6 months. Dates and deadlines all on the calendar. And then life took over. Some events that happened in my family life weren’t on my same calendar. Not bad events, but deviated from my plan. So, I welcomed them into my perfect plan, which imperfect-ed my plan! But I have not lost sight of my WHY. It’s just going to take a little bit longer. That’s OK.

With the whole crime show thing, she almost got away with the perfect plan until she swiped that damn card. I’m not a criminal, nor do I play one on TV, but I have metaphorically swiped a card here and there to screw up. I have also had others make debit swipes on their character and integrity cards that got in the way of my plan. It’s OK. Remember, we ARE the plan. So imperfect planning is also who we are. It’s a matter of not letting it break our stride. We’re bigger than the swipe.

Your perfect-imperfect plan is way too important. But, you already knew that.

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