This is the Last Time
December 1, 2014

When you finally get to that phrase with kids, spouses, friends, business associates, or people who take your money for goods and services…there is a very distinct change in the conversation.

I stayed a month ago at a hotel in Atlanta. Carson (my 15 year old) left clothes in a drawer; as she always does. I need to start adding $30.95 to every hotel stay with her, because that’s what it costs to ship her “I-forgot-it-in-the-third-drawer.”

We left on November 2nd. They found our stuff. I asked for it to be mailed. We exchanged 2 calls and then….I kept calling and calling and calling.

Today, on December 1st,  I left a voice mail that said, ” I have tried for the last 30 days to get my items mailed home. I’m not sure what the hurdle is. However, this is the Last Time I will be calling you about this. I will go to someone above you and figure out how to reconcile this. I will not make one more phone call to this property about these clothes. I look forward to a return call today sharing your next action step.”

Shockingly, I got a call from the manager. He had all the clothes on his desk ready to ship. On top of that, he said it would be at cost due to my unnecessary follow up. Yay.

I’ve been on the receiving end of this statement. And suddenly, I figure it out too! Why do we wait? The problem doesn’t go away. It gets worse. And, truth be told, we have the same amount of time on Day 1 as we do on Day 30.

If we all adapted the “Last Time” mentality, the “First Time”, we would be more more productive, while creating happier environments and customers. And, for the record, family and friends can be customers. 😉

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