February 3, 2014

I invited one of my best friends and her daughter to see my own daughter perform in their home city of Indianapolis, IN. As proud of I am of my daughter, Carson, I wanted them to experience Tremaine – her company.


Because they rock beyond dance. They teach life lessons AND amazing dance.

This weekend I sat in on many of the classes taught by their Master Teachers. What did I learn?

Keri LeGrand –  Resist resistance. Push beyond. Celebrate places you never thought your mind and body could go.

Jeff Amsden- Get over it. Things can suck. Don’t let that seep into your passion. If dance is your passion, when you walk into the studio, make a conscious decision to let the other stuff go.

Tony Bellissomo – Get out of your comfort zone. Accept a challenge. Dance hard, but have fun doing it even harder. Make the audience part of the experience. Always go full out; always.

Colby Shinn – The simple can be amazing. Easier choreography does not need to be small. Be big and exciting…whatever it is.

So many other outstanding teachers who I didn’t get to see in action this weekend. They are just as good as the aforementioned. The caliber of this company is unmatched.

It’s not easy to leave my family for the weekend, spend money and come home exhausted. However, it makes sense when the investment of time, energy and money is bigger than a perfect pirouette. Tremaine has earned that with the Andringa’s.

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