Wonder Woman and Me
February 21, 2015

Some little girls never grew up wantingI’ve been obsessed with Wonder Woman from a very young age. Unbeknownst to me, Lynda Carter (the actress that played her) and I share the same birthday. It was meant to be.

Here I am in 1978 lassoing my brother with the Lasso Of Truth. The lasso compelled all beings to tell the absolute truth. I think this is a good “lasso-lesson” for all of us. The only time it failed her was when she wasn’t able to admit the truth herself…I think we can relate to that too.

She was created to be a Warrior Princess. To fight for justice, peace, and be an example (when there weren’t that many) of the type of woman who could rule the world. Very similar to what I tell my female clients today.

She’s feminine, but strong. It’s okay to like pretty things, put on make up, do your hair, and toss on a tiara when necessary. Another message of which I’m a fan.

Finally, what probably drew me in the most, was that she was a master athlete, acrobat, fighter, strategist and martial artist. I LOVED watching her kick some serious @$$ with her physical and mental strength.

I didn’t have her exact outfit or body…but I had my mom buy me this American flag swimsuit (because WW’s outfit was based on the American flag), found myself a ball of string, talked my little brother into dressing up like a Super Hero Villain, and fought evil all day long in our living room. ‪#‎loveyouLynda‬ ‪#‎weallhaveheros‬ ‪#‎WonderWoman‬ ‪#‎becauseIcan‬

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